Do You Have a Mission?


In creative work (and even life in general) it can be challenging and confusing to know what to do, or what to create, if you don't know why you are doing it in the first place. You may feel dragged along, working out of fear or obligation, and not really getting anywhere. You may feel scattered or blocked. You may even feel like everything you do is pointless.

This can all be reversed though. Have you ever looked at what truly inspires and fulfills you on a deeper level? What would get you up in the morning and fill you with excitement? What would make you feel the most joyful and alive?

Creating a mission statement allows decision-making to become easy. You simply choose the options that support your passion, your mission, over everything else. You can cut out distractions, giving yourself clarity and the power of focused intention.

A specific purpose also opens the path that lets inspiration flow, and allows you to focus yourself enough to achieve a flow state. Creativity is not random—it requires something specific to express or solve.

You mission statement also allows your work to be cohesive, so you may discover your voice, and express it in the way that is the most clear to others. This helps you to establish yourself in a niche and build your most receptive audience.

Eventually you may find yourself a highly renowned expert in your field, making a huge impact by doing what you love, and being well-valued and supported by others. If this is something you want, you truly do need to find your focus first. 

To focus yourself in this way may seem limiting, but it is precisely this limit that allows you to align yourself with your truth, so you may feel the most powerfully inspired.

If you don't have a mission statement yet, I encourage you to make one right now. Don't pressure yourself to come up with the one thing you focus on for the rest of your life, and don't be too serious. Just choose something fun and exciting, and see where it leads. Your focus will likely evolve over time.  

If you feel stuck in a place where you're too overwhelmed with obligations to find the time or energy to focus on what you really want, that's okay. I would still suggest creating the mission statement that resonates most with your passions, even if it's not practical right now. Once it's written down, use it as a reminder to slowly start applying it to different areas of your life. A year from now, you'll be very glad that you did!

If you really don't know what you want to do or what inspires you most, make your mission to discover what you want your mission to be. Make it about getting more in touch with your true self and what you really love. This essential inward travel is what sets the course for your most authentic and exciting outward expansion.

If you want more guidance on what to do with your mission statement once you have it, check out Create Now.  

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