7 Methods For Unblocking Your Highest Creativity


Creative block doesn't happen without a reason—and that's good news! If there is a cause, that means there is also a cure. If you are struggling to release your innate creativity and find inspiration, try some of my favourite cures for creative block:

1. Eliminate Distractions

Creative flow requires focus, so make sure you have eliminated all possible distractions before you begin. This includes phones, TV, and other noise, but also things like being hungry, tired, or mentally distressed. Always take care of your space, your body, and mind before you begin.

2. Find Your WHY

Do you have a greater purpose for this project and for your creative practice as a whole? Is it something you’re REALLY excited about? If you have an exciting and fulfilling reason to create, it gives you inspiration, focus, AND motivation.

3. Romance the Muse

Tidy and decorate your workspace, light candles or incense, make coffee or tea, or do whatever it takes for you to create a studio space that is special and inviting—not really for the muse, but for you! Love your space and get in the mood by preparing for creative sessions, much like you’d prepare for a date.

4. Do Something Boring

Put all electronic devices, music, books, and everything interesting away. Just sit still, do nothing, and relax! If you can find a way to be relaxed and completely present, you will have a far easier time creating the right state of being for creative flow.

5. Start Tiny

Sit at your desk. Sharpen your pencil. Mix a nice color. Make a tiny dot on the canvas. Whatever comes first. Try one tiny little step, then see if you can take another one. Don’t think, just do.

6. Journal

Do you lack clarity? Are you anxious? Write it down! Vent and scribble about whatever is going on right now. Get it all out and consider burning the evidence when you’re done. Once any negativity is out, you can do some brainstorming or writing about what you’re trying to make and why.

7. Make Something Hilariously Horrible

If you still don’t know what to do, start with what NOT to do and make the worst thing you can. It’s easy, fail-proof, and fun, and gets your creativity flowing in ways you’d least expect.

Further Reading

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