creative genius through intentional love

Creative genius through intentional love

Creative genius is not just for artists.

Creativity is meant for everyone, and can be learned by anyone. Regardless of who you are or what you do, it is your intended natural state—how you are truly meant to live and work. Creativity is simply the art of acting authentically and freely from a place of inner guidance, rather than external programming. It is the science of transcending fear and limitation, to access modes of thinking that are more intelligent, conscious, and clear.

True creativity is where your genius resides—right now! It already exists, waiting for you to simply tune into it.

You can discover the infinite inspiration, power, wisdom, and joy that you already contain, and learn how to use it to affect positive change. You can live a life that is beautiful, creative, meaningful, and prosperous. You can transcend all that keeps you from being your greatest self, and invite the whole world along with you.

You already know how to do all of this—you only need to remember. Surrender the fears that hold you back, and open yourself to transcendent creativity through intentional love. Discover the genius of just being your truest self.

Conscious creativity is already at your fingertips and in your bones.

It's already here for you to harness for your own ecstatic transformation. It requires only for you to bring your focus back down into your most essential mode of being—to love yourself, to love what you do, and to share that love.

My name is Marlo Johnson. I am a published author and mentor for creativity and personal transformation. Welcome to my site! When you are ready to move forward in creativity and love, select an option to find out more:


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