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"The road to unfettered creativity begins here! Written in an engaging choose-your-own-path format, this unique guide transforms the creative process into a simple series of multiple-choice questions and answers. The journey begins with a simple question designed to spark inspiration: Do you have a clear vision of what you would like to create and why? Whatever the answer, creative coach Marlo Johnson offers the encouragement and guidance needed to move on to the next step. With tips for overcoming blocks, staying motivated, and even sharing finished work with the world, Create Now! is an invaluable tool for artists, writers, and creatives, whether established or aspiring."

Chronicle Books

5 x 7 in; 112 pp;
ISBN 9781452146027


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Who needs this book?


If you dream of living and thriving as an inspiring creative or influential innovator, then you need this book. Simply and powerfully, Create Now! helps you every step of the way—no matter where you are on your journey.

How would you like...

  • to know how to breeze through creative blocks and access inspiration on demand?
  • to find a purpose and direction for your work that is so exciting that you always feel motivated?
  • to know how to address even the greatest challenges with innovation and creative genius?
  • to build your success on your terms, prioritizing your specific wants and needs?
  • to build an effective professional network in an authentic way that is genuinely fun?
  • to always have more amazing ideas than you need?

This book distills the entire cycle of a thriving and effective creative practice into a unique multiple choice format—this means that you can efficiently blast through just the specific blocks and challenges you are having NOW, without the need for a long, drawn out process. Take only the steps you need to start creating today!

Create Now! is a priceless companion for any creative from beginner to professional. This guide should be a studio or office staple for everyone that wishes to master creativity and transcend limitations, naturally elevating all they do to a higher level.

This essential tool is a great gift to give yourself and others.



Finding purpose and inspiration.

Staying clear and inspired until completion.

Connecting your work with those who need it.

Valuing yourself and your work, and getting paid.