Who Are You For?

As of today, this video has now been viewed over 50,000 times. Actually, if you count the unauthorized versions people have reposted it’s far, far, more.

Ideally, though, not that many people would care.

This video is only interesting because it’s weird. It’s a bold statement to be yourself when it goes against societal norms. It’s hated, feared, and fetishized.

It’s definitely admired genuinely by many people too, though. Some say they could never do it, even though they really want to. And some people have told me that I helped them work up the courage to be more of themselves. That’s the best response I could get.

If you’re afraid to be who you are, because of the real dangers that can bring, I understand. I want you to know that you have my support no matter what. You get to weigh the risks and choose what you want—but remember that being yourself openly helps others too.

The more we feel comfortable being different, and express our differences openly, the more other people will feel safe to do the same. The more it WILL be safe for others to do the same.

Self expression is not frivolous or trivial. It is revolutionary to be different in a society that teaches conformity. It helps and heals and creates a safer world for those who follow. It saves lives.

Many people talk about tolerance for people who are different. Fuck that. There’s nothing to tolerate, because you are not bad or broken or wrong. Different is good! And beyond that, different is the truth. I accept you.

I hope you all know that whoever you are, I’m with you.

I hope that one day we realize that the number of people who are “different” far outweighs the number who are “normal.”

I hope that one day we understand that we can’t keep fighting like this, because we are fighting everyone, including ourselves.

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