The Power of the Creative Session

Play the video above to listen to me read this entry. 

Do you take time every day to simply access your creative brain and apply it to your work or life?

All of my best, biggest, most life-changing ideas have come from doing this. Perhaps this is stating the obvious, but how many people out there take time every day for a creative session? Even 5 distraction-free minutes can be extremely powerful.

When I wrote Create Now I was sitting in my living room thinking about how to more easily help the artists I was mentoring. I had a challenge I was interested in solving, so I sat and thought about it. I immediately had the idea of creating a choose-your-own-adventure type system. It would allow me to quickly diagnose everyone's unique challenges, but provide consistent and holistic solutions.

So I had the idea, then wrote the outline right away. Then the whole book flowed out, almost magically. I was simultaneously using and creating the system.

Before I knew it, I had the complete guide scrawled out in a cheap notebook. It wasn't really written to publish or sell, but at some point I realized that it might be of far greater benefit to people if it was more accessible. So I transcribed it and sent it to Chronicle, and a few weeks later they decided to make me an offer. I went from no idea to unexpected book deal in weeks!

The point I'm trying to make is not that I am extremely awesome—it's that if you just stop for a few minutes every day and focus on your creativity, your hopes, and your dreams, amazing things can happen. Sometimes instantly and completely changing your life forever.

If you want help learning how to have a powerful, inspired, and exciting daily creative session, check out my book, Create Now! It's available at the library, and everywhere books are sold, in paperback or digital formats. 

Rather than tucking it all away in books or paid courses, I would love to keep this information flowing freely to everyone. Doing this takes takes real time, energy, and money though, so if you would like to support this work you may help by buying my book or leaving a donation. If spending money isn't an option, that's okay! Sharing my work with your friends would be great too.