On Perfectionism

If you want to be perfect, I’m pretty sure that being a perfectionist is the worst possible way.

The paradox of perfectionism is that its unattainability can only make you feel (and act) like a failure. You won’t ever feel perfect or even good enough.

The antidote to perfectionism is acceptance. You CAN feel perfect if you have acceptance and compassion for yourself.

You are allowed to be happy with yourself exactly as you are now.

If you are a recovering perfectionist who needs a new, more attainable standard for yourself and what you do, look to resonance: What truly resonates with who you are? What makes you happy? What feels most positive and exciting? This is what you are meant to do, nothing more. 

This authenticity is key for happiness and success, and it's always right there. It's liberating and easy. It leads you to the best path for you, to your unique voice, to your true greatness.


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