My birthday is coming!

Wanna hear my birthday wish?

Wanna hear my birthday wish?

Since it only happens once a year, I like to take full advantage of my birthday. It's a great time to set goals and reflect on my life. It's also a great time to celebrate, hang out with friends, and spoil myself!

Two years ago I was celebrating my first book deal and the great success I was having in my creative practice in general. Now that my book is actually out in the world, do you know what I want most?

My biggest wish for my birthday (and every day tbh) is to see more people find more success and fulfilment in their creative lives too. It's not always easy for artists, writers, and other creative types! Okay it's actually almost never easy. We have to find our own special way through life, often against what everyone else is telling us we should do!

If you want to help fulfill my birthday wish, here's my request: 

Grab a copy of Create Now, along with a nice notebook or sketchbook, and maybe even some cool pens or pencils too. Wrap them up together, and give them to a creative person in your life (or someone who wants to be!). Let them know you support their passions and creativity. If needed, give them space and time to make things, too.

Thank you! ❤️ 

Create Now is available everywhere books are sold, including here: 

• Chronicle Books (a great place to order stationery too!)

• Chapters Indigo


• Amazon 

• Barnes & Noble