Intentional Creativity

Writing tools.  

Writing tools.  

When you have a specific goal, scattered energy obviously can't have the same effectiveness as energy that is focused, and a great way to focus your energy is intention. 

It's important to have goals for all your creative projects—it even enhances the experience of flow! They can be literally anything, though. You may be thinking "but I just want to have fun!" Well, make that your intention then! Just pick something—it doesn't have to be serious.  

Start by writing a mission statement for your overall creative practice, then when you have a creative session set a specific intention for it too. Ideally your session intentions should fall under the umbrella of your mission statement in some way.

This is a powerful way to stay on your preferred path. You can definitely hone your mission and intentions as you go, too. Evolution is to be expected.

I'm currently honing the purpose and strategies for this blog, so you may notice some changes. To me, this blog is a machine, and I'd like to keep it running efficiently. There is much to learn though! I appreciate your support and interest through this journey. 

More about creating with intention and flow can be found in my book.  

Rather than tucking it all away in books or paid courses, I would love to keep this information flowing freely to everyone. Doing this takes takes real time, energy, and money though, so if you would like to support this work you may help by buying my book or leaving a donation. If spending money isn't an option, that's okay! Sharing my work with your friends would be great too.