On Being the Net


The path I've chosen might be a little unusual. I don't have a "normal" job, and neither does my partner. I spend my days writing, meditating, learning, and sharing. I believe this is what I am truly meant to do, for the benefit of myself and everyone else.

Passions and convictions are far more motivating to me than any desire for money—just ask my bank account!

This means that instead of regular paydays from one source, like if I had an employer, I allow myself to be supported in whatever way the world seems to be offering at the time. I have leaped completely into my work, with the hope that a net will appear. And it does! But it's an amorphous net, so it definitely helps to keep my options open. 

I'm asking you now to consider being part of my net.

Rather than keeping all of this information tucked away in books or paid courses, I would very much like to keep sharing and giving in a way that is as free as possible—including ad and pop-up free.

If you would appreciate that too, you can support my work (effectively supporting everyone out there benefiting from it) by buying my book (it's a great gift!), leaving a donation, or sharing what I do with your friends. 

The more support I receive, the more time, energy, and value I can give back to you! And it lets me know that I'm on the right track. 

I'm no barista, but I believe that what I give is at least as worthy of a nice tip as your daily caffeine.

Thank you!


You may donate with your credit card using the button below, or PayPal me: paypal.me/marloljohnson.