Are You Ready?!

If you were suddenly inspired to create something, how easy would it be to just go do it? If you had 20 minutes to make art, is that enough? How prepared are you?

Having a dedicated workspace is extremely important for anyone who wants or needs to create regularly. 

If you have an amazing studio or workspace already, is it well-stocked, tidy, and ready to go?

If you don't have a dedicated space already, can you make one now? Think about the spaces you have available, and if they reflect your true priorities and needs. Perhaps you have a guest room that only gets used once in a blue moon, a neglected formal dining room, or a garage or storage area that's piled with junk? Is there a space that you can transform into your creative haven?

If you truly don't have the space for that, can you create a simplified multi-purpose version? 

Some examples: 

A box of art supplies stored under your kitchen table for dinnertime doodles with your family or afternoon sketches of whatever is lying around. With the right light, even a pile of dirty dishes can be beautiful. 

Sketchbooks or notebooks tucked away into every space of your house where you tend to sit around, and your car, purse, or bedside table.

A chalkboard wall or dry erase board for quick drawings, poems, thoughts. 

A trumpet in the bathroom for shower improv sessions while conditio—okay, maybe not that one!

But you get the idea. Large or small, find a way to prepare some space for creative time. Make it easy and quick to get to work, even if you only have a few minutes. 

Creative space is just as important as any other space in your house! Especially if your goal is to create for a living. 

Do you struggle with this hurdle, and is there a solution? I'd love to hear about your creative spaces and space transformations!