On Planting a Forest

What would you like to grow? 

What would you like to grow? 

What if you could single-handedly plant a whole forest? It seems like an impossible task at first, but what if you focused your energy and gave yourself enough time? It could take the rest of your life, but wouldn't it be amazing if you succeeded? The idea of creating homes, food, and oxygen for multitudes of creatures is hard to fathom. And the beauty. It could all last for thousands and thousands of years if nothing interfered.

There are two important facets in a good purpose or calling: a positive and exciting long-term goal to work toward, and a healthy and enjoyable type of work in the now. 

An exciting long-term goal can propel you, guide you, and teach you about yourself. It's a powerful way to achieve something big, that won't necessarily happen if you dabble in different things. And if you love the journey it puts you on—the actual daily tasks involved in working toward that goal—it doesn't really matter as much if you fail, or if your goal changes, or if you just decide to not do it anymore. 

But what if you succeed? You will have accomplished something great, and used it to focus your life on work you love doing. 

What type of forest would you most love to plant, metaphorically speaking? Would it be a philosophical forest of self-discovery or spiritual enlightenment? A cure or invention? World peace? What is most exciting to you?

If you don't know yet, that's okay! If you never know, that's okay too. Maybe you'd like to try planting a single tree, and see where that leads. 

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