You Are What You Believe


Here's a big secret:

Most of my mentoring and writing is based on the transformation of our unconscious belief systems. I do this because it is extremely effective and efficient. Changes are deep and immediate, and grow easily and naturally from the inside out.

Our beliefs are the foundation of everything we experience—all of our actions and reactions are based on them, and everything we perceive is filtered by them. They even shape our physical and mental capabilities

To explain it very simply, we react negatively to what we believe is bad, whether consciously or not, by our actions and emotions. We react positively to what we believe is good. We do what we think is best for ourselves, and do not attempt what we think is impossible. All of this happens based on what we think is true, not what is actually true

Our emotions and filtered experiences then reinforce what we think. Beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies, and that glorious feeling of validation when they come true helps us fool ourselves into believing our beliefs are correct.  

It's very important that the mechanism works this way, but when our beliefs are wrong it means we can make harmful mistakes. 

For example: When your fight-or-flight response is triggered, it can be very powerful and cause you to act quickly without thinking. This has saved lives of course, but when it is triggered by fearful beliefs, like racism, it can lead to devastating violence. 

If you've ever been in a heated argument you've probably experienced the negative side of fight-or-flight. 

This applies to all feelings, not just extreme fear. They are all triggered by a corresponding belief.

Okay so how does this apply to creativity and all the stuff I usually talk about? When we are blocked in any aspect of our lives, from feeling inspired, to making money, our negative beliefs are at play. 

You might say something like, "But it's not my fault if people won't give me money—the economy/people's taste/my luck is bad." 

The idea that you don't have any power over your situation is a negative belief that you consciously and subconsciously work to prove right. When you shift that into a more empowered belief, a new world of opportunity opens to you that you previously wouldn't have considered. You can then find a creative solution to your challenge.

If you are new to these ideas, it might seem overwhelming to understand how to apply them to your life, so here is my advice for now: 

If you want to be more free from your negative beliefs, and the pain and difficulty they bring, decide to be. Right now. Declare that you will let go of all negativity, and set the intention to at least shift it all into neutral territory. Believe that when you set your mind to something, your subconscious will respond accordingly, and be ready when it does. The effect of this declaration is profound!

Challenges happen, and will continue to happen for your whole life, but negativity is optional. You don't need to jump to feeling positively about everything, because that might not be honest for you. Start with acceptance and neutrality (non-judgement). Take the widest perspective possible. You will find a great power in this.  

Another way to transform your life through shifting your belief system is by working through Create Now.  Do it honestly and thoroughly, reading the book every time, and don't skip steps!

Rather than tucking it all away in books or paid courses, I would love to keep this information flowing freely to everyone. Doing this takes takes real time, energy, and money though, so if you would like to support this work you may help by buying my book or leaving a donation. If spending money isn't an option, that's okay! Sharing my work with your friends would be great too.