#CreateNow30 • Conclusion

A daily practice of self-care and intentional creative sessions is a powerful thing! There are countless times I've tuned in in this way, only to experience a life-changing epiphany, amazing project idea, or something else profound. And to think I could have easily just not done any of it; I know because there have been many periods in my life when I have not.

I hope those days are behind me though. Using Create Now every day has become a more permanent habit. Even on busy and stressful days I use it for a task I'm already doing, rather than trying to fit in some idealized version of art-making that you might imagine. Life and art melds. 

If you feel like you could use a creative push toward a more inspired and exciting way of life, try your own creative challenge. It's never too late! Simply use Create Now every day for 30 days, or however long you'd like to.  

And thank you to everyone who took part in the official 30-day challenge. All the prizes have been shipped out, but you can see the winners and more info here.