Where to Start


Everything has roots, and anyone who has ever pulled weeds knows that to really address a problem, you need to get to the roots. If you leave the roots, the problem can just grow back. 

This applies to everything on the spectrum from positive to negative, not just "bad" things. Growing flowers and food and trees is largely caring for roots too. 

It's easy to get caught up in the external, the side-effects, the branches, the fruit. The roots don't show—it's everything above-ground that we notice most. If we are always late, always stressed, always broke, it's easy to fixate on these situations and what they are doing to our lives, and feel helpless about changing them. 

When we look at the "good" it's the same. You might see someone's success but not the sacrifices they've made for it.  

How can you apply these ideas in a practical way? Well, if you are overwhelmed or struggling with something, take out some paper and write down everything you know about it, tracing the pattern back as far as you can until you find the roots. Often shedding light on the cause is enough to create a shift into something more positive.  

If you want to build something new, look at the foundation you would need to create for it to grow organically, so you can put it in place, and simply water it. 

Use self-honesty. Tend to the roots. 

More advice about how to do this is in my book, Create Now! 

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