The Step 1 Challenge!

Create Now: a small book with big magic. 

Create Now: a small book with big magic. 

Are you having a hard time getting into Create Now? Do you have a vision of an amazing, inspiring, fulfilling creative life, but can't seem to make the leap from thinking about it to doing something about it?

Establishing the new habits required to make your dreams a reality can seem overwhelming. It may feel like you need to go from 0 to EVERYTHING IS COMPLETELY DIFFERENT AND PERFECT AND AMAZING overnight. But that's not how things work.

For some of us, I know we want to wait for the perfect time to start a new creative practice—perhaps an artist's retreat alone in the mountains, or after our kids go off to college, or when we get all our other work done and have a whole day just for creativity. But that might not happen. 

Not only are "perfect times" fairly elusive, but when you get to that artist retreat or quiet weekend it helps to already be great at the Create Now system so you can take full advantage of it.

It might seem a bit scary and overwhelming though. "What if it works and I'm so inspired I can't think about anything else and stop eating/bathing/etc?" "What if it doesn't work and I feel like a failure?"  "What if I can't think of anything to create?" Luckily, the solutions are in the book—just keep going!

It's great if you want to do it "right" and really dive in with your full attention, but in some ways the only way to do it right is to do it NOW, because it's all about creating the inspiration and magic you long for now, today, and every day—no matter what your responsibilities are. 

Creativity is for your whole life, not just one little segregated piece on evenings or weekends!

So, if you're having trouble getting started, here is my challenge for you: 

Once a day, perhaps right when you wake up (before checking your phone!) read and use the whole book up to (and including) Step 1. This should take under 5 minutes. Make a habit of it, and only continue to the next steps when you feel like it.

If you decide to continue on, don't worry if you don't have a creative project in mind—just use it for whatever is happening at that moment; even though it was written as a guide for artists, it's more of a general creativity system, and you can apply that to math homework, selling cars, cooking, babysitting, or literally anything else.  

Creativity is your natural state! 

If you want to do this, decide right now, and set that intention—just to start, with no expectations, without overthinking or planning or trying to make it perfect. Just start.

Did you decide? I mean it! You could grab your book, or download the eBook, and start right now! 

For those of you with smartphone habits, download the eBook and put your book-reading app's icon in place of Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, or whatever you click on most. When you find yourself with time to kill you'll realize it could actually be time to wake your brain up, get inspired, and maybe create.

More information about Create Now can be found at 

Rather than tucking it all away in books or paid courses, I would love to keep this information flowing freely to everyone. Doing this takes takes real time, energy, and money though, so if you would like to support this work you may help by buying my book or leaving a donation. If spending money isn't an option, that's okay! Sharing my work with your friends would be great too.