Before & After

I thought it would be interesting to reflect a bit on the changes I've experienced because of The Book, as I call it. I don't think everyone will have the same experiences so I don't wish to make predictions about your situation, but this is a bit about mine. 


I grew up thinking I just had no imagination, and that it was simply a fact I couldn't change. I didn't name my stuffed animals or play pretend. I tried a bit but it was hard. I felt like an artist at heart, but stuck to realism. I always painted the sky blue and never coloured outside the lines. Writing was a struggle. School papers were usually done the night before. I was plagued by anxiety. I was exhausted by perfectionism and hypervigilance. I ended up as a depressed workaholic, sitting at my computer for most of the day. I had no purpose or direction or vision. It all took a toll on my body and various chronic illnesses eventually took over. 

The Void: 

I guess this was a transition-slash-awakening period. After I got really sick I was basically forced to stop doing anything. I tried ignoring the pain but my body won. I stopped. I stayed in bed. I read books. Then I stared writing. I started untangling the mess I created out of my life. I started understanding. I found a purpose. Then I wrote The Book


My first experience with the book was testing it out. I had help with this to make sure it worked for other people too. The results were stunning (if I told you everything you wouldn't believe me). The deeper I got into it the more I'd say things like "this book is smarter than me." I began to understand more about the book and why it worked so well. Much of it I feel I only knew at a subconscious level, until I actually took the time to put it down on paper.  

My health took a big turn for the better. I felt my energy increase. I felt happier. My anxiety faded. I stopped getting creative block. And I started feeling inspired! I felt imaginative! This was a big deal. I couldn't stop writing. I had more ideas than I knew what to do with! I still do. Everything has changed. 


Create Now is largely about shifting from survival mode, or the focus on only what is physical, into a higher state of consciousness so you can create from the part of your brain that is imaginative, inspired, and wise. It's about unblocking your life, so you can function in a way that is authentic rather than fear-based. It's about creating your life and art with a purpose that is fulfilling enough to propel you forward with excitement, rather than dragging yourself forward with a need for basic survival or material success. It's a paradox though—when you learn to be that passionate and creative and inspired, and learn how to focus and hone that into a path you believe in, you will be able to find the type of success that benefits everyone, and truly thrive. 

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