You Snooze, You Win? (7-Day Challenge)


Waking up is a huge struggle for a lot of people. Some say you should never hit snooze—just make the choice to get up right away! If that works for you, great! I'd like to propose another option. Something that might help you actually want to get out of bed!

I'd like to challenge you to try a quick and easy trick to change how you wake up.

For one week, when your alarm goes off in the morning, hit snooze. This is your first win of the day! Great job!

After you hit snooze, before looking at your phone or getting distracted by anything else, immediately start daydreaming about what you could do with your day. Think of the most exciting things you can imagine! Don't fight to keep it realistic, just be creative. What would be fun? What would you do if you had no limitations, no responsibilities, and endless time? Daydream for the whole time until your alarm sounds again.

After the alarm goes off the second time, and before you get distracted with emails or texts or anything else, plan your day for real, or just get up but keep the energy of creativity and excitement going. Maybe your exciting ideas will influence what you do with your day, or maybe not. Give it a week and just see what happens!

If you need it, make sure you have a reminder to do this challenge when you wake up. Change the alarm title in your smartphone, or put something you'll see right away that will jog your memory.

Let me know how it goes! You can send me an email or post on social media with the tag #snoozechallenge

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