Check your map! 

Check your map! 

It's important to lift your head up from your canvas or paper or desk and look around on occasion. Where are you right now? Where are you going? 

Are you still heading in your desired direction?

Once you chart a course for your work and life and begin implementing it, it can be easy to lose sight of your grand vision in the small tasks. There is usually a need to hone your practice, tweak your systems, or simplify your life as you get more into it and discover more about yourself. 

Always remember to bring more of that grand vision into your NOW, rather than sacrificing your now for your grand vision. If you build your dream on a foundation of nightmares, is it really even your dream anymore? In every way you can, keep your steps in alignment with your preferred destination. 

If you're using Create Now, remember to keep using it, even if (especially if!) it's working! It will remind you of very different things at different times, and help you keep all your momentum in the right direction. 

You will never stop evolving, so you will never stop needing to check your orientation.  

Rather than tucking it all away in books or paid courses, I would love to keep this information flowing freely to everyone. Doing this takes takes real time, energy, and money though, so if you would like to support this work you may help by buying my book or leaving a donation. If spending money isn't an option, that's okay! Sharing my work with your friends would be great too.