#CreateNow30 • Day 1

Create Now! A Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity, aka the greatest book ever written

Create Now! A Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity, aka the greatest book ever written

Sometimes I do bad things on purpose.

In this case, I have been disregarding using my book for the past while, so I could create a strong contrast in my life between before and after starting the creative challenge.  Even though I understand the concepts in it and feel like I mostly use the steps by memory, I want to see how different it is when I actually use the physical book. For science!

Immediate observations:

 • This book makes me feel high. I assume this is because creative flow uses a different part of your brain than normal thinking and interacting with the world, so it just feels differently. Maybe there's some science on this somewhere, but I'm not prepared to go looking for it right now. I definitely get some kind of brain buzz off this thing though. It's awesome.

 • This book keeps me on track. Sometimes I get too hardcore about what I'm doing, or focus on the wrong things. Sticking to the step-by-step guide is a huge help, especially when you have tunnel vision and get fixated on just one step. It keeps you moving forward.

 • I'm actually really tired. I've been making and sharing and doing all this stuff that seems awesome at the time but it's definitely on the verge of giving me serious burnout. The book is divided into four phases. The first half is more about finding inspiration and making work, and the second half is about sharing and selling it. I'm definitely way too focused on the first half, and this actually leads to a lot of partially finished work that no one ever sees. My second book was one of those projects. It sat for months almost finished until I decided to have a big project-finishing week. If I kept neglecting that second half of the cycle it would still be partially finished and not sitting on my editor's computer! I need to find more balance in this department, and it actually feels really good to take a break from creating, and do that other stuff. 

 • Life is awesome. It's easy to get caught up in dreaming, striving, planning, and working. The section of my book about assessing your life helped me remember that I'm already where I want to be.

If you're new here, you can check out the book I'm talking about at marloland.com/createnow

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