On Self Love


Everything is intertwined in this life, so I can't teach creativity and success without teaching things like gratitude and self love. I always feel a bit of resistance though, because when I was younger I would have made fun of such ideas. But the things I thought were uncool were actually the things I needed most.

Today, because it's Valentine's Day I ask you to do something for yourself. Decide that you will love yourself. If not today, decide you will slowly step toward loving yourself.

Start with forgiving yourself.

Forgive yourself of everything you think you've done wrong. Everything you think is wrong with you.

Forgive yourself of everything you aren't that the world has told you you should be.

You are enough. You are only human, like everyone else. Have the same compassion for yourself that you have for others, for children, for friends.

Remember that you are not your body. Your body is an amazing machine you are simply borrowing for awhile. Be kind to it.

Remember that you are not your actions or your achievements. Your value does not change, whether you do terrible things or great ones. Like everyone else, your infinite intrinsic worth is perfect and permanent.

Remember to be grateful. Be grateful for your life, your body, your experiences. The terrible things that make you strong and wise, and the beautiful things that make it worth being alive.

Remember to be amazed. Recognize the miracle of who you are. Your unique being. Everything that had to happen in the history of existence for you to be who you are, for you to get to this exact moment, reading this now.

Love just because it feels better than hate.

Love because it is who you are.

If you are completely honest, if you forget all the nonsense that this lifetime has stuck into your brain, you will remember that you are love, that you deserve only love, and that there is nothing more you need to do or be.

Decide to be love. Plant that seed, and see if it grows.