The Infinite Importance of Creativity

My focus on (obsession with?) creativity is not something I chose arbitrarily. To me, creativity is everything. Just look around. Another name for everything even is "Creation." This is the nature of existence. Perpetual creation.

Creativity is your natural state too.

A lot of humanity seems to exist in an unnatural state much of the time though. A place of fear. But we can learn to let this all fall away to reveal our true, creative, powerful selves.

Creative flow is about more than just art—it shifts you into your true nature, your higher consciousness.

When we realize who we really are, there is no fear. We can move beyond the struggle for survival to create a better world for all. Together.

Think of what humans could achieve if we gave up our fear of each other, our belief in separateness, and worked together. What if we gave up violence and war and worked for peace and restoration? For the wellbeing of all beings?

We are all powerful—more than I can even explain. There is no need to struggle or take or exploit.

The path I've chosen is about showing people the way to their power, their true creativity, for the benefit of each individual and the collective.