Creating a Way Through


I'd like to share some creativity-based strategies that have helped me with depression. I've noticed a strong connection between depression and creative block too, so these strategies can help with both.

1: Writing

Any kind of writing about what's happening in your body or life, right now. It can be nonsense. It can be angst-ridden poetry. It can be an analysis of things that are going on. It can be a list of your feelings. Anything that creates a flow from inside to outside, state of being into physical manifestation.

2: Drawing, painting, colouring, or scribbling

Make some visual art that expresses what's inside, again creating that outward flow. Don't fuss about making it good. Make what you feel.

Third: Physical embodiment

Feel what you feel, and move to it. Dance or roll around. Rock back and forth or flail. Make weird noises or yell or cry. Allow your body to physically match and express what's going on inside. It's okay. This is good.

There are plenty of other things you can do, depending on your preferred methods of expression and what you feel inspired to do. Use your imagination!

After the dark stuff is brought to light it can feel less like depression and more like anger, grief, or other pain. That's okay. Keep creating and feeling it all until it has run its course. Allow and accept the process. It's crucial to allow it or you may fall back into depression.

When I create something dark, like a scribbled out representation of my current pain, I don't hang on to it. It goes in the fire or the trash.

Be kind to yourself, forgive yourself, and be open to messages or lessons offered to you through your feelings.

You can't repress the bad feelings without repressing the good ones at the same time—and that includes inspiration and creativity. Keep flowing.

When the depression and pain subsides, see if you can choose something better now: gratitude, excitement, inspiration, or love. Meditate on it, feel it, and let it flow out into the world through your actions.

I hope this helps! If so, I'd love to hear about it. Thank you!