Creativity for Busy People


Being an artist in this world can be tough. Most of us end up in jobs that don't leave a lot of time or energy for creating. But all hope is not lost! You can live a more inspired life today, even if you don't have any more time.

Here are three exercises that can help open your life to more creativity now, without taking your time away from anything else:

1 - Use your snooze button for daydreaming. As soon as your alarm goes off, take a couple of minutes to fantasize about amazing things you could do with your day. There's no need to be realistic! Just let your imagination loose and have fun with it. If you get some ideas you can use to make your day more exciting that's great! The main thing is that you did something creative first thing! This simple exercise is truly life-changing. Try it for a week and you'll understand why!

2 - Write out a list of all the amazing things you wish you had more time for. Write out specific things, like building stuff out of Lego, or making macrame frogs, and vague things, like helping people. Anything and everything you're excited about! Next, write down the things that take up the MOST time in your life. For many people that means jobs, school, or taking care of kids. Finally, make a list of ideas about how you could incorporate your first list into the things in your second one. How can you look at your biggest obligations with more creativity and excitement? You may not be able to get all the way to your magical dream life RIGHT NOW but getting a little closer every day sure is awesome.

3 - Are you a smartphone or tablet addict? Even just a little? Find some apps that exercise your favourite forms of creativity. You probably already have a few! If you like writing, a notepad or blogging app is all you need. There are also apps for music, drawing, photography, and all kinds of things! Pick your favourites, then place them where your current most-used apps are—those time-wasting ones that can steal hours of your life without you noticing! The next time you have a few minutes to kill and you try to click on one, you'll find yourself reminded to create something instead.

Let me know what inspiring changes you come up with!