Yesterday I asked those following my Facebook page to dream a crazy dream—something amazing and exciting, but not necessarily something they could actually do.

Doing exercises like this one allows you to shift into a more exciting and creative life, even if you don't ever reach your crazy dream. It's okay to be more of a dreamer than a doer, but if you want to take action then here's what I would suggest:

- Imagine your dream in the most detailed way possible: What does your "regular" daily life entail? What kind of people are you with? What part of the world are you in? What do you eat? How do you dress?

- Assess the believability of it. Is it actually impossible? Or is it something people achieve all the time? It's okay if your dream is either, or in between. Don't judge this as good or bad. 

- If your dream actually seems impossible, instead of tossing it out completely, see if you can use it as a guide to create a believable dream that involves the same theme. This could mean writing a sci-fi novel based on the life you'd live if you could. It could mean living the dream just on weekends or vacations. It's up to you! Use your imagination. 

- Once you have a believable dream (but not too believable! It still needs to be exciting) just take one step toward it today. This could mean buying a pen to write your sci-fi novel, or writing a whole chapter—anything you want!

- Keep your actions in alignment with the goal... in other words, live a little more of that dream NOW, and don't sacrifice your now for the future dream. Does that make sense? Make the journey as great as the destination.

For best results, repeat daily—simply dream, then take one step toward the dream. In a year you might be surprised at how far you go!

So, what step are you going to take today?