On Valuing Yourself

You are worthy.  

You are worthy.  

Self worth is an important part of success, but extends to overall well-being too. It's extremely important to value yourself, as it affects all you do and how others respond to you.  

How do you do that, and how do you know your worth? 

First, look at what you think you deserve. Do you feel like you deserve everything required to be healthy, happy, and prosperous automatically without any obligation? This includes love and affection too. 

You should! These things are not extravagant—these are all human needs, and needs should be met automatically for all people equally. Any less would trivialize the value of human life and exclude the vast number of people who don't already have the privileges that allow them to access all of these on their own. 

When you know what you deserve, let this guide your actions. Speak up when you need something. Say no to requests that would sacrifice your needs; ignoring your wellbeing to help others may seem noble, but find a way to take care of yourself too—this allows you to do much more, and leads a much better example for those you want to help. 

Often we aren't even compromising ourselves for a good cause—we regularly do it for capitalism, consumerism, and corporations.

We need to reprogram ourselves to think more holistically and authentically.

Think about your value and what is really important in your life, and stay true to these things. You do not need to listen to the noise of this busy world, sacrificing yourself for things that mean very little in the end.