Online Consultation Packages Now Available!

Today I'm officially launching MarloLand 2.0. There are two brand new ways to connect—an email newsletter and online consultations

Like writing books, consulting isn't something I planned to do—it happened organically. 

How did it start? I was always one of those people friends turned to for advice—one of those so-called old souls who has always had a great interest in personal development and various spiritual philosophies.

I started applying these things to my creative life, using trial and error mostly, to see what really works—what really transforms you as an artist. 

Things began to click. My methods were getting results, so I wrote them out in my journal. This turned into a book manuscript, which was immediately bought by a great publisher. This seemed like a good sign that I was on to something!

People often ask me how I do it—how do I have such an amazing life as an artist who lives in an amazing place and takes amazing trips and makes amazing things and sells them for a living? I don't think I'm the only one who can do this, and I'd love to see more people living their dreams, so I started helping others with their creative lives too.

People kept calling me "The Artist Whisperer," which I mostly find humorous. This told me something though; when enough people tell you that you have a gift, that you changed their life, you listen.

I created a new consultation format and tried it out. It was mind-blowing. The results were far more profound than what I experienced before.

I'm finally offering this service to the world. 

If you feel called, you may find all the information and sign-up forms at

(Edit: This service is on hold due to the Year Without Work project.)