How to Judge Creativity

How do you know if your work is good or bad; if you're a sellout, a failure, or a fraud?

I'd like to see an end to such judgements. Instead, I think we should look only at our own truth, what brings us joy, what resonates.

Value judgements are products of a mind that cannot even comprehend true creativity, and are irrelevant to it.

If you want to know if you're on the right track look at your goals, your mission statement, and ask if your work resonates with that. Ask if your work resonates with your truth and your passion. That's what matters.

Because true creativity comes from a higher state of consciousness it must be assessed based on the language of higher consciousness—emotions, resonance. Learning this language is an important part of your creative practice.

And remember that your truth isn't everyone's. The work you find meaningless and soul-sucking may be someone else's passion. And your passion may not seem very exciting to others. There is no wrong side of the spectrum. Let your work be what it is, as long as it's true for you!