30 Day Challenge! #CreateNow30

Are you ready for a new, WILDLY-INSPIRED adventure?!


I'm starting a simple but powerful 30-day challenge on February 16th—30 days of using this book, at least a little each day, and posting about it.

If you want to chart out a brand new creative practice, turbocharge your current one, or just get super inspired and excited about whatever it is that you do, you may want to join in! All skill levels welcome!

Create Now! brings a unique balance to the idea of creative life or art practice—it takes the powerful energy of boundless inspiration, and flows it through a logical and thorough system, to create a deeply transformative formula for fulfilling success.

I'm extremely excited to hear about your experiences!

All you need is the book, and whatever supplies are required for the things you want to create.

I'll post more information about the challenge (AND PRIZES!) at a closer date! 

Create Now! A Systematic Guide to Artistic Audacity is in stores February 16th or available for pre-order at the following links now: