Shamelessly Lazy!


Why does laziness have such a stigma? Well, because we like to judge ourselves based on accomplishments. We don't feel worthy if we aren't being productive. We feel the need for external validation. (ie. We have a bunch of untrue fear-based beliefs about doing nothing.)

I'd like you to consider the accomplishment of being shamelessly lazy. How often do you experience completely shameless laziness? I know I have trouble with it.

We know how damaging stress and exhaustion are, but we have a hard time valuing the opposite. Our minds and bodies NEED rest and relaxation. These things aren't optional if you want to be healthy, happy, and creative (relaxation is a huge part of creative flow).

All we need is to shift our thinking a little bit. Believe that laziness is an important part of your health regimen, your creative process, and your productivity. Enjoy it every day. Take a nap, sit in a park, or anything you like. Just remember that your brain needs a break from consuming and processing things too, so put your phone/computer/TV/books aside.

The more you can enjoy it, guilt-free, the stronger the positive benefits will be. The more you can enjoy your rest, the more you'll actually feel rested. Laziness becomes rejuvenation. Instead of feeling guilty about doing nothing, you will feel prepared for doing something.

You will likely notice inspiration flooding in when you are relaxed and quiet too.

So the paradox is that the more shamelessly lazy you can be, the more energy you'll want to put into doing things afterwards. Shameless laziness becomes productive, and essential for avoiding burnout.

Don't try too hard at it though. Just relax.

Feel free to share this with your loved ones who you feel deserve more rest!