Why Creativity?

Creativity is life. Creativity is what we need to solve old problems in new ways. Creativity lifts you out of survival mode. It lifts you out of fear. It lifts you out of self-obsession. It lifts your focus into your higher mind, higher consciousness. It transforms your life into an exciting adventure. It gives you joy and love and purpose.

True creativity can help us transcend the struggles and fear and pain we are stuck in so we can work together to make the world better for everyone.

This is why my focus is here. I truly believe creativity is the key humanity needs to become better. And it's not mysterious or hard or elusive. Creativity is for everyone! It's your natural state! My aim is to demystify it. To show everyone that it's easy. That it's what you are meant to do and be.

So be inspired! Focus on what you love! Create things that make the world better, and it will be better.